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Are you planning a party, meeting or starting up a group or club? Are you looking for a room to use? Do you require a buffet or light refreshments for your function?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then the Samworth Centre, our community resource, could be what you are looking for.
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Welby Church

It's time to
visit Egypt 

The Rector will be organising a cruise from Cairo to Luxor (only recently dredged and re-opened to the cruise ships) from 10th – 21st May next year.
For more details, click here.
For a brochure, click here.
For a booking form, click here.
For a letter from the Rector, click here.

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The Parish team

kevin in glassesRevd Kevin Ashby  
Team Rector

57 Burton Road, MM, LE13 1DL  
(01664) 503535 (07921 919917)

sharon 4 nreRevd Sharon Constable
Team Vicar

26 Firwood Road, MM, LE13 1SA
(01664) 481793 (07581 686736)

Revd Catriona  cat3

1 Palmerstone Road, MM,
LE13 0SS
(01664) 503533

Active retired clergy:
Revd Brian McAvoy: 1 The Lees, Cottesmore, Oakham LE15 7DG   (01572) 812404
Revd Graham Spencer: 18 Chetwynd Drive, MM, LE13 0HU 07904 229284 grahamandtrish@talktalk.net

Church wardens:
St Mary’s, Melton Mowbray 
Ian Neale 01664 565798
Tim Clark 01664 852628

St Mary the Virgin, Thorpe Arnold 
Carol Parker 01664 857526
Paul Constable 01664 481793

St James’ Church, Burton Lazars 
Janet King 01664 565044
Jenny Pengelly 01664 668095

St Bartholomew's Church, Welby 
Sam Willder 01664 566197
Peter Franklin 01664 569602

St Leonard's Church, Sysonby 
Colin Moulds 01664 852391
David Wilford 01664 560968

Freeby Church 
Jane Meakin 01664 564827
The Parish Office
8 Burton Street
Melton Mowbray
Leicestershire LE13 1AE 

Telephone: 01664 562267



Phil Balding



The Samworth Centre
at St Mary’s

8 Burton Street
Melton Mowbray 
Leicestershire LE13 1AE

linda small website CENTRE BOOKINGS
 Linda Abbott -
 Centre Manager
 Telephone: 01664 503521
 Fax: 01664 503539


carol even smallerjpg stilljpg CAFÉ AT THE CENTRE 
 Carol Sloan -
 Cafe Manager
 Telephone: 01664 503525

 To book rooms or equipment,
 please ring Linda on 503521

To arrange catering or buffets, please ring Carol on 503525

For Church bookings, ring Alison on 503530
To book Concerts in Church, ring Mary Browne on 851457

Please forward ALL articles to:
Keith Wilson 
email: kgw87mm@aol.com

If you do not have access to email, hard copy (typed please) can be left at the Samworth Centre front desk.
To advertise in the parish magazine contact Advertising Manager Derek Larder on 01664 569245
To subscribe to the magazine and to receive it regularly each month contact Ken Mason on 01664 851930. 



Services in the parish on Sunday.
Please can anyone who has a fob key for access into the Samworth Centre let Manager Linda Abbott, pictured, know (ring on 503521 and leave a message) or pop in and see her after Christmas?
Find out which services are on in the parish over Christmas reading on...
Find out what is happening where in the parish this week.
The next Saturday activies morning in St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray, is aiming to be a roaring success and you'll need your animal onesie into the bargain.
This year’s Christmas Tree Festival has been absolutely wonderful – so many people have commented on how inspiring and enjoyable their visit has been. For this to be the case we are extremely grateful to all of you who have contributed in any way.
After fifty five years ministry and priesthood in England and Scotland the Revd John Hickling shares some reflections on the Christian faith.
Do you have any photographs, newspaper clippings, video clips, leaflets, relevant information etc. concerning initiatives/events (past and present) by Churches Together in Melton Mowbray?
The Revd Sharon Constable and her husband Paul welcome anyone from the Team Parish to drop in for a drink and nibbles at the Vicarage (26 Firwood Road, Melton Mowbray) any time between 11am and 2pm on Saturday, January 3, to celebrate the New Year.
If you would like to order pictures taken at this year's Christmas Tree Festival by Richard Brigg here is your chance to do so.
There's a rare opportunity for us to find out about the Muslim faith so that we have a better understanding of the beliefs and practices of Muslims on Thursday, February 19, 2015, at 7.30pm at Burton Lazars Village Hall in an evening with Suleman Nagdi.
Needed Urgently for the end of December/ January...someone to take on a magazine delivery route.
Please note ~ as from January 2015 I will no longer be responsible for the flowers at the Book of Memory in St Mary’s Church, Melton Mowbray, writes June Brammer.
The pigeon holes for the delivery/collection of Christmas cards in St Mary’s Church, Melton Mowbray are now up and running (by the tower door, North Transept).
An informal session open to all with materials supplied when possible, with light refreshments available. You can do the craft on offer or bring your own along, all levels welcome.
Don't miss the popular Christmas Eve Carol Service at St Leonard's Church, Sysonby, on Wednesday, December 24 at 6.30pm. Everyone welcome.
This Christmas, whether it is a difficult or a very happy experience for you, remember that Love came down at Christmas. For you, writes the Revd Sharon Constable.
The festive season is about good news...and where better to seek that out than in one of our local churches or chapels this coming Christmas, writes the Revd Kevin Ashby.
The congregation at St Mary the Virgin Church, Thorpe Arnold, enjoyed decorating a Jesse Tree on Sunday (November 30).
For many years now the Children’s Society has been supported by the Churches in this Parish, writes Gillian Beavis.
The Revd Brian McAvoy will be leading an evening on ‘Loss’ on Thursday, 12th February 2015 at 7.30 pm in the Samworth Centre.
The monthly prayer diary for December is now available to download. To find out more, read on...
Proposals are under way for a Reading Group to start in January 2015. For more details read on...
Linda Abbott has been appointed manager of the Samworth Centre in Melton Mowbray.
The Rt Revd Tim Stevens, the Bishop of Leicester, will be retiring on July 11, 2015.
One of the key aspects of the Re-ordering Project at St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray, is the raising of the nave floor. Six trial holes were dug recently. Read the report on the findings...
Starting the Day with Prayer ~ A small group are meeting at St Mary’s Church, Melton Mowbray at 8.30 am, Monday- Wednesday to start the day with morning prayer. Anyone who is in town at that time is very welcome to join us whether it be frequently or occa
Now the situation in Egypt has settled down and the cruise ships are sailing again... and the prices are very reasonable!... it’s time to visit Egypt. For a booking form and brochure read on..
With the tricky question of Scottish independence safely behind us, it seems entirely appropriate to celebrate the many joys that Scotland brings to the United Kingdom, writes the Revd Catriona Cumming. Find out more by reading on...
For an updated list of fundraising and social events for St Mary the Virgin Church and the village hall in Thorpe Arnold in the following year read on...
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Christmas Services

Don't miss some of the special Christmas Services coming up in Melton Mowbray Team Parish.

Sun, December 21

8am Holy Communion in St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray.

10am Parish Communion in St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray.

9.45am Christingle Service in St Mary the Virgin Church, Thorpe Arnold - children come dressed as your favourite Nativity character.

11am Lessons and Carols in St James' Church, Burton Lazars.

3pm Christmas Holy Communion in St Bartholomew's Church, Welby.

3.30pm Christingle Service in St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray - children come dressed as your favourite Nativity character.

6pm Candle-lit Nine Lessons and Carols in St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray.

6pm Nine Lessons and Carols in St Mary the Virgin Church, Thorpe Arnold.

6.30pm Christingle Service in Freeby United Reformed Chapel.


Christmas Eve

11.15/11.30am Litany and Holy Communion in St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray.

5pm Nativity Service in St Mary the Virgin Church, Thorpe Arnold - every child can take part in the story. Haloes, crowns and shepherds' headdresses supplied.

6.30pm Carol Service in St Leonard's Church, Sysonby.

6.30pm Christingle Service in St James Church, Burton Lazars.

11.30pm Midnight Holy Communion in St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray.

11.30pm Midnight Holy Communion in St Mary the Virgin Church, Thorpe Arnold.

11.30pm Midnight Holy Communion in St James Church, Burton Lazars.

Christmas Day

8am Prayer Book Caommunion with Carols in St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray.

9.45am Christmas Family Communion in St Mary the Virgin Church, Thorpe Arnold - please bring along one of your presents to show.

10am Christmas Celebration Service for all ages in St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray - please bring one of your presents along to show.    


Sun, December 28

8am Holy Communion in St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray.

10am United Parish Communion in St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray. 


 Upcoming Events 
Saturday 10 January
10:30amSaturday AM activities morning @ St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray
Tuesday 13 January
1:10pmLunchtime Organ Recital @ St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray
new Kevin to use in onesie lar


Just when you thought it was safe to put away your animal onesie for another year...
The next Saturday activies morning in St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray, is aiming to be a roaring success and you'll need your animal onesie into the bargain.
For the theme of the next event is New Beginnings with Noah and the Ark, so come along dressed in your favourite animal onesie, stand in line, two by two, and get ready for a fun morning of entertainment.
Make a note of the date - Saturday, January 10, 2015  from 10.30am until 12 noon - for we are sure that people will be flooding into the church when they realise what's on offer.
There will be chance to sit in our own Noah's Ark; the usual storytelling;chance to make animal hats/masks and other creative activities including making your own doves of peace; chance to decorate some Rainbow cakes; take part in our fun animal quiz; plus the usual giant games, chance to play chess; learn lacemaking or simply come along, browse the day's newspapers and chat and relax over a free cup of tea or coffee and cake. Everyone is welcome.
Please note that all our activities mornings are free of charge.



It's a fact!

Noah’s Ark would have floated even with two of every animal in the world packed inside, students have calculated.
Although researchers are unsure if all the creatures could have squeezed into the huge boat, they are confident it would have handled the weight of 70,000 creatures without sinking.
A group of masters students from the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Leicester University studied the exact dimensions of the Ark, set out in Genesis 6:13-22.
According to The Bible, God instructed Noah to build a boat which was 300 cubits long 50 cubits wide and 30 cubits high – recommending gopher wood for the enormous lifeboat.
The students averaged out the Egyptian and Hebrew cubit measurement to come up with 48.2cm, making the Ark around 144 metres long – about 100 metres shorter than Ark Royal.


Using the dimensions, the Archimedes principal of buoyancy and approximate animal weights they were astonished to find out that the Ark would have floated.
Previous research has suggested that there were approximately 35,000 species of animals which would have needed to be saved by Noah, enabling the students to conclude that the dimensions given in the Bible would have allowed Noah to build an ark that would float with all of the animals on board.
The students had to swap gopher wood for cypress wood, as Biblical experts continue to speculate as to what gopher wood might be. Some think it may just mean plained timber.
It is a separate matter whether all of the animals would fit inside an ark of these dimensions – the physics students were simply calculating the buoyancy of the ark.
The students presented their findings in a paper for the Journal of Physics Special Topics, a peer-reviewed student journal run by the University’s Department of Physics and Astronomy.
Course tutor, Dr Mervyn Roy, a lecturer in the University of Leicester’s Department of Physics and Astronomy, said: “The students are encouraged to be imaginative with their topics, and find ways to apply basic physics to the weird, the wonderful and the everyday.”