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St James' Church Update - October 2017

St James Burton Line Drawaing
Burton Lazars has no street lighting so, as the nights draw in and the clocks go back, it is VERY dark around St James’ Church. The church has lights that come on as you near the church door but you have to walk quite a long way up the unlit path before they are activated.
I’m writing this at the end of August, while we are down in the south of France. We’ve been eating our way through lots of delicious yoghurts which are sold in small glass jars. For the last couple of years, we have been using the jars with a battery operated night light in them. When placed along the winding church path they make it safer for people to find their way to the church and, hopefully, they feel welcomed by the lights.
What is the first thing you do in the morning? For many people these days, they switch on their ‘phones or computers to see if anyone has tried to contact them through the night. Our first message of every day
always comes through at about 2.30am and is a bible passage and short commentary on it. It comes from Scripture Union, an organisation that for years has been spreading the gospel by encouraging people to read their bibles every day. It works all over the world, hence the very early message but just right for people waking up in the Far East.
Last Sunday’s passage was from Psalm 119, the longest Psalm, and included verse 105 “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path”. It brought back memories of the Sunday school leader at the church where we grew up in Birmingham. He would stand at the front and read out the memory verse from a little decorated card, that we were given each week to try to learn. This verse was one of my favourites.
If we read God’s word and follow its teaching, we will surely be led along the path that we should follow, it will not always be easy or straight, it will often involve an uphill struggle but however difficult or narrow the path, let's encourage one another as we travel.
However, if you are able to come to one of our evening services or concerts you’ll see the lights – not quite Blackpool illuminations but
giving you a warm and encouraging welcome to St James. 
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Dates for Your Diary
October 18th LINK in Village Hall Arthur Payne ‘Melton Now and Then’  Followed by afternoon tea.  2.30pm All welcome.
November 5th St James Service of Loving Remembrance at 6pm (no morning service).
November 12th Remembrance Day Service. Note early start: 10:45am

November 18th ‘Belvoir Big Band’ Back by popular demand! Venue:  St James Church. Tickets £7.50 to include cheese & biscuits and glass of wine. Contact Janet 01664 565044 or Jenny 01664 668095.
December 2nd Soup and Wine in Village Hall. From 11:30am. Tickets £5.

Sue Lloyd


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