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St James' Church Update - August 2017

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“Patience is a virtue” is a common phrase that we use and I’ve been thinking about it recently. I’m writing this at the start of July. The weather forecasters have just summarised the last month as the 5th warmest June on record since 1910 and Scotland had the wettest ever June. Guess where we were!
 I expect most of you reading this were enjoying/enduring the heat wave here in Melton. We were on the beautiful north-west coast of Scotland at Port Appin in the “Old Ferrymasters Cottage”.  The original part of the building is 300 years old, stone built, with small windows to keep out the weather.  There is a modern sun lounge that looks over the short back garden, which extends to the beach.  We had one dry afternoon in the course of the week, so spent a lot of time in the sun lounge (joke!), watching lots of small sea going boats, fishing and transporting goods and people to the islands off the coast.
 Best of all, was watching the wildlife. We didn’t see the otter this year but the oyster catchers and hooded crows spent hours turning over the pebbles looking for crabs or other tasty morsels. The heron was the most spectacular visitor. It came at least twice a day, when the tide was in and it taught us a lot about patience. It would stand motionless for ages, poised ready to pounce until it spied a fish. In a flash it would grab its unsuspecting prey. Little fish disappeared very quickly, but we really enjoyed watching it tackle a 2 foot (60cm) long eel. It took some time to swallow such an awkward beast, we could still see it wriggling as it went down that long elegant neck!
 It made me stop and think about times when we need to be patient. We’ve all just waited 2 years for Sharon’s replacement to arrive and we are delighted to have welcomed Revd Dr Mary Barr as our new Team Vicar and her husband Canon John Barr to the Deanery as well. We are delighted that they have felt called to come and work and worship amongst us. We pray that  they will be very happy here.
At St James our fund raising for new facilities is into its 4th year and, at times, feels unending but as the church was started in 1086, what’s a few more years?
 In the Old Testament, in Habakkuk, is a verse where the writer exclaims:  “O Lord, How long must I call for help but you do not listen?” However, in Romans 8 v 25, Paul writes: “But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.”
 Let’s pray the Lord will give us patience, as we wait for his abundant generosity that will surely come in the not too distant future.

Sue Lloyd


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