Reordering Project 

Re-ordering of St Mary's Parish Church

Our BIG Project!!!!

We have been in the process of improving the physical aspects of our wonderful, ancient St Mary's Church in Melton Mowbray. 



StmarysclockThe inefficient boilers have been replaced enabling us to ensure a warmer environment.
New chairs (and kneelers) have provided a more welcoming, comfortable plStMarys1927bwace to worship and attend concerts (See right for memories of 1927 and the wooden chairs.)  
The next phase requires the help of architects and The Fabric Committee have conducted a lengthy and rigorous process to select the best architects we could find. We now want to present an integrated scheme to re-order (renovate) our church.
Detailed surveys have been commissioned both inside and outside St Mary's. Some plans have been produced and we now need to gauge your response before we proceed. We hope you will be able to join us to meet Mark Pearce one of the architects with Buttress, Fuller, Alsop, Williams. We would like you to comment on the potential changes within the plans.
There was a special opportunity for our congregation and other interested parties to see the initial plans on Saturday 9th June 2012.  Below is a diagram of of the areas for discussion for future changes. For a leaftlet, please download here.  
Reordering image
We will be sharing news and views on this HUGE project as we go.  Check for updates here.
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