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St James' Church Update - April 2018

St James Burton Line DrawaingPsalm 95:6 says: ‘Come let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker, for He is our God.’
This verse came to mind while listening to the testimony given by Alma Syla from Albania who was our guest speaker on Mothering Sunday at St James. 

Her testimony reminded me and probably should remind us all just how blessed we are here in this country where we have freedom of worship and freedom to worship God openly and without fear of reproach or retribution.
I was especially touched by the fact that Alma told us how, although she had only recently come to believe and acknowledge Jesus as her Lord and Saviour after the years of religious repression in her country and coming from a Muslim background and family, she wanted to go to the newly opened Church in her town to worship the Lord with other believers.

This was not an option though because her husband literally locked her in the house every Sunday for more than two years.  As a Muslim, it would have been very difficult for her husband to allow his wife to make her Christian faith known publicly, so for two years she was unable to go to church but for more than two years she would read the Word of the Lord secretly, being scared that her Bible would be forcibly taken away from her and destroyed.

Alma’s testimony certainly reminded me just how precious is the faith we hold and how blessed we are to still have an active church in our village, that continues to open its doors week by week as the bells ring out, calling the community to come and worship with us.
We are in touching distance now of being able to commence our refurbishment programme here at St James. What better time to be reminded how precious is the faith we hold and how important it is to provide a warm and welcoming place where we – and those who will follow us, can come in safety to worship and how grateful we are to God for everyone who has given so generously to help us get there.
Dates for Your Diary
1st April Easter 11.15am
Family Service with Communion and Easter Egg Hunt

April 22nd 11.15am
Short Café Connect Service followed at 11.45am by our AGM. All welcome.

Janet King


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