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St Bartholomew's Welby Church Update
- September 2019


Welby Line Drawing
It was a delight to welcome Gary Mulliss and Lisa Mattox on the occasion of their wedding on the 2nd of August. We send them our love and prayers.
Linda Pearson joined us on the 4th of the month and led us in our  service of Evensong.

We celebrated our Patronal Festival on the 18th when Revd Graham officiated at the Holy Communion Service. Graham reminded us that not a lot is known about Saint Bartholomew. He was one of the twelve Apostles and mentioned only four times in the New Testament. He is thought to be the same person as Nathaniel whom we read about in St John's Gospel.  

Bartholomew was martyred in the first century. His name seems to be associated with healing in some way and hence the number of St Bartholomew's hospitals.

During the service we sang a hymn that was new to us - 'For all your  saints still active'.  The last verse of which is:
Bartholomew the apostle, least known among your friends
Remained a faithful follower and served you to the end.
His deeds may not be noted, but he to Christ stayed true;
May we too seek your glory and only honour you.
St Bartholomew’s Day is actually 24th August and as I write we plan to celebrate this by holding our
annual congregation faith tea in the church on that day.  This is a time of fellowship and sharing.
1st September- Evensong
15th September-Holy Communion and Harvest Festival 
Friday 4th October-Quiz at Holwell Stute
Saturday 12th October-An evening with Arthur Payne in the Samworth Centre

 Gillian Beavis

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