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A group photograph of all those attending the Holiday Club on Friday (August 11th). To view the picture bigger click here.


The Holiday Club sets sail.


Above: Bosun Brian leads the singing with actions.


Dastardly Dave, pictured left, tries to make off with the treasure.


There could only be one winner when adults took on children in the quiz.


Above and below: Having fun and games with water outside.




The Revd Kevin Ashby learns the hard way the old adage never work with children...


...or animals, or in this case a parrot!

Shiver me timbers!

Yo, ho, ho! It was fun, fun, fun all the way at this year's Melton Mowbray Team Parish Holiday Club 2017.

More than 60 children, ranging in age from 5 to 11 years, set sail with a motley crew of leaders and helpers for the week (August 7th - 11th) for some Pirate Adventures in St Mary’s Primary School in Brampton Road.

The children were split into crews and were given one of six beard colours... black, yellow, red, blue, green and orange.
They learned how to speak like a pirate with Dastardly Dave, they enjoyed games inside and outside, had fun making craft items, there was teaching in the Crow's Nest, a visit from Sammy the Seagull, pirate jokes and a quiz, with the winners choosing a leader to walk the plank. A leader had been chosen every day to walk the plank and on Friday it was the turn of Land-Lubber Leanne.

*To view a video of Land-Lubber Leanne walking the plank click here.

A theme song has been written by Bosun Brian.

*To view a video of the song click here. 

Other leading characters included Cap'n Catriona, Tuna-Toed Tim, Mary, the Mate, and Crabsticks Kevin!

But the fun and games didn't end there. 
There was a special Pirate Adventures Service at St Mary’s Primary School on Sunday, 13th August in which the children were able to show their parents and grandparents what they had got up to during the week. On Sunday it was Cap'n Catriona's turn to walk the plank.

*If you couldn’t get along to this year’s Holiday Club the October Saturday activities morning organised by St Mary’s Church, Melton, will have the theme of Pirates on Saturday, October 14th, from 10.30am until 12 noon in Melton Borough Council offices in Parkside. Be sure to join in the fun.

The activities morning on Saturday, September 9th, from 10.30am until 12 noon, again at the council offices in Parkside, will have the theme of Scarecrows. There will be fun and games for everyone and anyone dressed as a scarecrow will get a prize. Everyone is welcome and the Saturday activities mornings are free.


Cap'n Catriona is under attack after being made to walk the plank on Sunday.


Above and below: Enjoying the song written by Bosun Brian at Sunday's service.



Tuna-Toed Tim had some difficulties with the Pirate Challenge of edging a chocolate biscuit into his mouth.

* For pictures taken on Friday click here.


*For pictures taken on Wednesday click here.

*For pictures taken on Tuesday click here.

*For pictures taken on Monday click here.

Phil Balding, 15/08/2017

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