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Just a reminder that the Melton Mowbray Team Parish Youth Group meets every second and fourth Friday in the month in the Samworth Centre from 7.30pm – 9pm. 

The group is for young people aged 10+. Why not come along and join in the fun?

The last meeting before the summer break, to which any young people would be very welcome, is on Friday, 13th July. The group will meet at the Rectory (57 Burton Road, Melton Mowbray) for croquet mayhem… 7pm - 8.30pm. If you would like to come along or know more… have a word with the Rector!

The pictures below were taken at recent Youth Group events when members were trying for "Fame" and also pictured after being locked in a room at one of the UK's largest escape venues. Participants are locked in a room with a series of tests, puzzles and clues that combined allow the unlocking of the room's mystery and hopefully a successful escape, challenging them every step of the way.  Unfortunately, members of the Youth Group narrowly failed to escape.







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