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The new Servery in St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray.

New Servery Coordinators

Amongst the new refurbishments at St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray, our new Servery is already proving a valuable and welcome improvement on the facilities and challenges experienced previously.

New facilities now call for a new system of organisation. We are most grateful to Marilyn Wray and Karen Balding who have stepped forward to fulfil the roles of Servery Coordinators. Karen and Marilyn have identified items and systems which need to be in place, to gain best effective use of the Servery on a weekly basis, and also for our many ad-hoc functions and events.

Please make Karen or Marilyn aware if you have any thoughts or ideas on any issue related to the Servery area, and any operational aspect connected with the smooth running of this important service to our Church family and visitors to our Church.

Karen and Marilyn will need our support and help each week to provide routine refreshments, so do make them aware if you are willing to be recruited to help on a regular basis, and or especially when lots of hands to the pump are required for major events and services.

To both of these willing and capable Church members, you have our support and thanks,
John Spence and Roger Kirby, church wardens.                                

PS: Servery tasks can be accomplished by men too!

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