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Put the vicar in the pulpit!

Help! Has anyone got a mannequin that Welby Church could borrow for their flower festival in June? Our theme is "More Tea Vicar?" and we would like to put the vicar in the pulpit! Please contact Miranda Willder on 01664 566197 if you can help or anyone else connected with Welby Church. Thank you.

trees before
Ash trees felled
Two large Ash trees on the border of the churchyard at St Bartholomew’s Church, Welby, have had to be felled. For more details and pictures, read on... More ...
A tea-lightful weekend! 
More Tea Vicar was the theme of two very successful open days at St Bartholomew's Church, Welby, on Saturday and Sunday (June 9th and 10th). More ...
Phil Balding
Church Open Day 
St Bartholomew's Church, Welby, held an Open Day on Saturday, December 9th, when the building was decorated for Christmas. More ...