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St Bartholomew’s Church, Welby, had two large Ash trees on the border of the churchyard. When carrying out the restoration work in 2015 it was discovered that roots from these trees were growing under the church tower. The contractors cut back the roots when carrying out the drainage work, but the roots would obviously continue to grow so some action was needed.
Two tree contractors inspected the trees and diagnosed that they were suffering from the decay fungus, the shaggy polypore (Inonotus hispidus). The fungus is a heart rot fungus of the trunk and main stems. However, whilst it wasn’t clear how far the fungus had spread, it was recognised that this fungus weakens the wood of ash at an early stage and so care had to be exercised where targets of value were within striking distance of the trees.

The trees were just 30 feet from the church building, which could not be moved, and so it was decided to fell the trees. The Diocese readily gave permission and the trees came down this week. The tree contractors commented that we had only just taken the decision in time to remove the trees, one in particular showed severe damage by the fungus.

Colin Beavis.

roots 1

Stump showing the extent of decay.


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