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The Samworth Centre@St Mary’s is a Melton Mowbray town centre community centre and café for all.


Service with a smile: Centre Manager Linda Abbott, who can be contacted on 01664 503521 and Café Manager Carol Sloan who can be contacted on 01664 503525.

The Samworth Centre@St Mary’s: There for You

Next year the Samworth Centre@St Mary’s, a designated charity, has its 15th birthday, writes Keith Wilson.

The teenage years can be a difficult time. Due to cutbacks in funds provided to local government, the last three years has seen a reduction in the booking of rooms for meetings and courses. Similarly, businesses have booked less as they too undertake cost cutting. The use of the Centre by groups, clubs, societies and charities has grown but our policy is that these groups pay a reduced rate.

The Centre has also been hit with two burglaries over the past two years. Insurance has helped in our post burglary recovery, but necessary expenses such as an intruder alarm, window bars and a high-grade security safe have been expensive purchases.

We have been innovative in our efforts to widen our room hiring base in order to establish a firm rental income. A room in the Centre is leased on a long-term basis to a company providing dialysis to NHS patients. This initiative very much ties in with our aim of providing a high standard of facilities for the people of our town and beyond.

An example of one of the future high expenses facing the Centre is the Certificate of Electrical Compliance. This electrical certification is necessary for the Centre to remain open as a publicly accessible building. The cost for the certification will be approximately £5,000. Tied in with this expense is pieces of essential equipment in the café’s kitchen have recently had to be replaced.

Other equipment, we know, is reaching its ‘end of life’. Fridges, freezers and other vital equipment do not last forever. We have budgeted in our ‘repair and maintenance’ fund for some replacements but this fund has become depleted as it has been called on more and more.

Of course, the Centre also needs to be continually maintained: windows need to be painted or replaced, interior walls need to be decorated and equipment, for safety’s sake needs to checked and updated. There is also concern because there has recently been a leak through the roof following heavy rain that has marked the landing ceiling.

The Community Café in the Centre, an integral part of our outreach, has also taken a hit with the growth of other ‘eating places’ in town over the past few years. Our Community Cafe provides excellent freshly cooked meals and snacks and its clientele is slowly growing, but we need to get our message out about the excellence of the food provided by our café to both café customers and to course organisers and group visitors to St Mary’s Church who book buffets.

The Samworth Centre@St Mary’s has the name ‘Samworth’ in its title as the Centre was originally set up with the help and support of a generous grant from the Samworth Foundation. Similarly, although ‘St Mary’s’ is also in our title we are a whole Melton Mowbray Team Parish facility and open to all in Melton Mowbray and beyond, church affiliated or not.

As a charity-based community centre we would like your help. When in town why not pop into the Community Café@The Centre and enjoy a drink, a snack or a meal and take the opportunity to see what the Centre can offer? We know you will not only find our food delicious and good value but by your custom you will also be helping to support the whole of the Centre to become financially secure and enable it to develop further.

Similarly, if you are looking for a room to hire for your club, society, course or business, why not pop in to have a chat with our Centre Manager, Linda Abbott, between 9am and 12noon, Monday to Thursday? Alternatively, you can ring Linda on 01664 503521, or email her at


The Samworth Centre@St Mary’s is a Melton Mowbray town centre community centre and café for all.


The Samworth Centre has a number of various sized rooms that are available for hire by groups and businesses during the day and evening at a very reasonable cost.


The Samworth Centre has a number of various sized rooms that are available for hire by groups and businesses during the day and evening at a very reasonable cost.

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