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Scaffolding in St James' Church, Burton Lazars.


Hard at work in what will be the new kitchen in St James' Church, Burton Lazars.

Work is still on target

St James's Church, Burton Lazars, Progress Report

Looking around the inside of St James' Church building, everything still looks quite chaotic and this last couple of weeks it has been a hive of industry, writes Jenny Pengelly.
However, as we count up the achievements it gets very exciting. We are now 'running on gas' and water and are no longer dependent on the overhead electricity cable, as we now have an underground supply. 
For the heating system, the trenches for all the pipe work have been excavated by hand, the pipes laid, lagged and then covered over again. All the wet system with radiators and fan convectors has been installed. The fan convectors are in the Nave and Chancel while the radiators are in the small meeting room, kitchen, toilet and 'community area' at the back of the church.


There is now an underground supply of electricity to the church.
The only job left before we can use the heating is a few connections and the commissioning. The boiler has been installed together with all the connections gas and electricity  -  it looks very complicated, it had better not break down!
Within the newly constructed toilet the plastering and painting has been finished, the Armitage Shanks 'Doc-M' pack WC suite to include WC, wash hand basin, easy-use taps and all grab rails has been installed.
We can even boast an outside tap, which will hopefully stop people leaving plastic bottles of water around the graveyard.
The re-wiring of the whole church building is going on at quite a pace  with scaffolding from floor to ceiling and from west to east.
It was strangely wonderful when H2O turned up to connect us to the sewerage system!
The bespoke kitchen cupboards are under construction and will be fitted within the next two weeks.
We have, of course, come across a few problems! The biggest of these involving the state of the walls. Previously wet areas have been found to be unsuitable for painting and we have had to find extra money to remove the flaking plaster so the walls can be re-plastered. 

Even worse is the discovery that at some point in the past the walls were emulsioned instead of lime washed. This means that the emulsion has to be scraped off and then coats of primer have to be applied before it can be lime washed! Painting is due to start this week (22nd October).
Hence we continue to fund-raise! However, we are assured we are still on target to finish in early December. 


Fan convectors (above) and radiators (like the one below) are being installed in St James' Church.



Within the newly constructed toilet the plastering and painting has been finished.


This is the wall that had to be re-plastered.

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