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Happy couple: Mollie Wheatley and Michael Geeson pictured in St Mary's Church after the proposal.

Romantic Michael's Christmas proposal

Mollie Wheatley got the surprise of her life when she attended her first Midnight Mass in St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray, on Christmas Eve last year.

The nineteen-year-old customer experience leader at McDonald's had gone along to support boyfriend Michael Geeson and to listen to him singing with the church choir.

However, unbeknown to Mollie, Michael had a big surprise in store.

"The service had ended and it was about 1.30 on Christmas morning. I was waiting for Michael and he appeared near the big Christmas tree in the church and gave me a neatly wrapped present," said Mollie. "I took the paper off and thought it was a bracelet because of the size of the box, but when I opened it I found an engagement ring.

"I was in complete shock. I'm normally a quite talkative person but I was lost for words other than "Yes, of course I will" when he asked me to marry him.

"The proposal was a well kept secret. The only clue I got was when Michael told me 'I'm going to win Christmas this year.' I think it is safe to say he did," she added.

Michael, who is also 19 and is a signaller for Network Rail, has been a member of St Mary's Church Choir since 2010. He told Mollie afterwards that he proposed in St Mary's Church because it's a big part of life and to propose in front of the big Christmas tree was a bonus.

The couple first met at John Fernley High School in Year 9 and were both in GCSE music together. They began dating the following year when Mollie asked Michael out on the way back into school from lunch.

And, although the couple don't have a date for their wedding yet they already have the venue in mind... St Mary's Church!

Phil Balding, 17/01/2019

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