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trisha and Andrew

Trisha and Andrew Nutter are pictured in front of The Community of the Tree of Life entry in last year's Christmas Tree Festival in St Mary's Church. The entry was designed and assembled by Trisha (with family help). Trisha and Andrew have served on the Christmas Tree Festival Committee since it was formed 16 years ago.

So, have you sold your house yet? 

By stepping back from many of the roles we have participated in at St Mary’s Church, Melton Mowbray, this January, we may have confused people - sorry, unfortunately(?) you aren’t getting rid of us that easily . . . 

Andrew and I have been Companions for Bishop Martyn’s initiative to develop a new monastic community - The Community of the Tree of Life (CTOL). We have been involved since late 2017 when the Prior invited us to consider joining. 

During 2018 we have spent time on a fortnightly basis getting to know the other Companions, discovering our faith stories, planning and putting together a Rule of Life for the Novices. 

Andrew has also spent part of his work time as project manager developing the building which will become the Community House. Bishop Martyn’s wish to open the house in September 2018 was an optimistic goal as we didn’t take possession of the building until April 2018. As often with building projects there are delays, and so the building will not be ready until April 2019. 

As from January our involvement with the Community will increase over the months until the end of July 2019 when Andrew fully retires. It is at this stage we will plan to move to Scotland, having put the house on the market in April. 

In February we welcome our first two novices for the five months left of this academic year; both are keen to do the full year from September 2019 as well. We have a number of enquires for September 2019, including someone from Germany and another from Wyoming. 

On February 3rd we have our Welcome Service with Bishop Martyn at Bishops Lodge and on March 2nd Novices and Companions will make their Promises to Bishop Martyn in his capacity as Abbot. 

In July each year the Novices plan to walk the St Cuthbert’s Way, coincidently our aim is to live near where the St Cuthbert’s Way passes. So we will be able to support the pilgrimage each year as Friends of CTOL as we will have to relinquish being Companions. 

If you would like to know more about CTOL please ask us or look on the website by clicking here.

We would like to ask for the following prayers:- 

~ Tom and Isaac as they join and settle into the community as seed novices;

~ The Companions as they support the Novices: and Rachel our Prior, Matt our Novice Guardian, Alan our Warden and Lesley our House Manager; 

~ The whole Community as it develops its Rule.

Trisha & Andrew Nutter


Saying goodbye, but not yet... Andrew and Trisha Nutter.


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