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How to be Dementia Friendly

Among those welcomed to the February meeting were four new members — at least new to our Branch as all have at some time been members elsewhere — and two visitors. The speaker was well known to us - Linda Pearson, one of our Parish lay readers.

Linda came to advise us how to be Dementia Friendly and we all enjoyed the game of Bingo whereby we learned and discussed the five key

1)  Dementia is not a natural part of ageing;
2) Dementia is caused by diseases of the brain;
3) Dementia is not just about losing your memory - it can affect thinking, communicating and doing everyday tasks;

4) It is possible to live well with Dementia;

5)  There is more to a person than the dementia. 

Linda made the whole topic interesting and as a result of her talk several of us committed to becoming Dementia Friends, thus joining the UK's biggest ever initiative to change the way people think, act and talk about dementia.
On seeing some of the teddies and knitted baby items that we send to the hospitals Linda suggested that we could knit or make fidget sleeves
or blankets for the local residential homes. I am sure some of us will take up this suggestion.
We thank Helen who, on behalf of us all, has put together toilet bags containing essentials for an unexpected stay in hospital. These will be given to Melton Mowbray Hospital, where they are always well received.
NEXT MEETING:  Please note this will be on Friday, March 22nd - the FOURTH Friday of the month. This gives us a date as near to Lady Day (March 25th) as possible. The Revd Canon Peter Moseling will talk to us about the Virgin Mary.
DIOCESAN QUIET DAY: This is planned for Wednesday, May15th, at Evington Parish Centre. Please ask for more details if interested.
Visitors and new members are always welcomed to our meeting.


Gillian Beavis.


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