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balloon 10

Above and below: Balloons are released in St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray.

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balloon 6

balloon 7

balloon 9

Above and below: Balloons hang from the ceiling in the church.

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balloon 3

balloon 11

The Revd Kevin Ashby pictured during the short act of worship.

ballon 1

When can I let go of this?

balloon 2

Having fun with balloons in St Mary's Church.

Up, up and away!

Anyone attending services in St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray, on Sunday (June 9th) will be surprised when they look up to the ceiling to see lots of coloured balloons with paper doves attached to them.

The balloons were the main theme of the latest activities morning held in the building on Saturday (June 8th) which celebrated Pentecost. The 43 adults and 37 children who attended were invited to write prayers on the paper doves which were then coloured in and attached to the balloons filled with helium, and then told to hang on to them until the short act of worship at the end when they were told to let go by Team Rector, the Revd Kevin Ashby. Both adults and children alike watched as the different coloured balloons rose to the ceiling. 

The Revd Ashby said that at Pentecost, the coming of the Holy Spirit, the disciples didn't just stay in the room they were in, they went out and they told others what they had experienced.

"They said you too can be filled by the Holy Spirit. You too can be given power by God. That's why we have set off the balloons. In other places the Holy Spirit is described as being like a dove. That's why we see the the dove as being a symbol of peace. The Holy Spirit coming down on us, filling us and lifting us and that's why it is brilliant to see all those balloons going up. Symbolically we're saying our prayers have gone up to God."

Those who attended the morning were invited to wear bright colours and amongst the other things on offer was the chance to make Pentecost bookmarks, stained glass art, rainbow art, chance to decorate cakes, chance to make hats, chance to learn lace making and chess, take part in our quiz and Riddle Table, face-painting and our adult art/chatting group.

There was chance to make balloon hearts and bubbles with Hattie the clown and story time with Keith Wilson.

There was also  chance to read the newspapers and to sit and chat with others over refreshments. 

Our next activities morning will be on July 13th with the theme Happy Holidays. It runs from 10.30am until noon and all our Saturday activity mornings are FREE of charge.

balloon 12

Balloons, balloons, everywhere...

balloon 14

... and still more at Keith Wilson's story telling session.

balloon 13

Above and below: Time to write prayers on the paper doves.

baloon 18

IMG 1480

Flame bunting made for the morning by Barbara Clark. 


All is bright... Hattie the clown had fun at the morning.

IMG 1487

Decorating cakes proved fun.

IMG 1500

Hattie the clown's brightly decorated area in the church.

IMG 1502

Making hats proved fun.

IMG 1505

One young man gave our chess expert Shaun Cope a run for his money during the morning.

IMG 1514

Yummy, yummy... one of the cakes on offer went down very well with this youngster.

IMG 1529

Making bubbles is always popular with the youngsters.  

IMG 1537

Enjoying the cakes on offer.

IMG 1541

Making hats proved a fun activity.

IMG 1544

Hat's just great... it's the latest fashion, don't you know?

IMG 1542

One of our regular lace ladies in action on Saturday.

IMG 1543

Rainbow art proved popular.

IMG 1549

As did stained glass art.

IMG 1566

That hat is the icing on the cake.

IMG 1580

More fun with stained glass art.

IMG 1582

Making Pentecost bookmarks in our Creative Prayer area.

IMG 1612

More fun with rainbow art.

IMG 1613

Renee Harris proudly shows off her stained glass art, Pentecost bookmark and balloon heart.

Phil Balding, 08/06/2019

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