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Above and below: Fun in the photo booth made by Terry Ide.





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Above and below: Making knotted hanky sunhats seemed to go to some people's heads!



How's that for a giant ice cream? Kath Wade had a fun afternoon in St Mary's Church.


Hat's just great! Organiser Marie Styles gets into the seaside spirit. 

They did like to be beside the seaside! 

Members of the Senior Fellowship Group spent an afternoon beside the seaside in St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray, on Friday (July 5th).

After a picnic tea, cakes and chat they enjoyed making knotted hanky sunhats and then took part in a sing-along accompanied by Brenda Munton on piano. They also enjoyed having their pictures taken in a seaside photo booth made by Terry Ide and eating some ice cream. Beaulah Hickling was presented with flowers to celebrate her and husband John's recent Diamond Wedding Anniversary.

Thanks to everyone who helped in any way during the afternoon and to Marie Styles for organising the event.

The group meets next in the church on September 6th at 2pm with poetry time and afternoon tea. For more information please contact Marie Styles on 01664 852267.


The Revd John Hickling had fun at the seaside afternoon.


The one that almost got away! Mike Thomas complete with knotted hanky sunhat.


Beaulah Hickling with her flowers.


Above and below: Enjoying a sing-song in St Mary's Church.


Phil Balding, 05/07/2019

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