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What’s in a name?

This Autumn, those who look carefully at the Parish Service lists in the magazine, Weekly News and on the website will spot a change of name for two monthly services at St Mary the Virgin Church, Thorpe Arnold. 
At a recent meeting of the Worship Group, we agreed that ‘Family Service’ and ‘Family Communion’ are not the best labels to use; in future these services will be called  ‘Altogether Worship’ and ‘Altogether Communion’. 
The reasons for this are both negative and positive. On the one hand, some single/childless/older people do not like the name ‘family service’ because they feel excluded by it. Even though they know with their heads that ‘family’ in this context means ‘the church family’, in their hearts they don’t feel part of it because they have no children to bring along. On the other hand, the term ‘altogether’ is more inclusive than ‘family’.  And ‘altogether’ (one word) is preferable to ‘all together’ because it is simpler and denotes ‘completeness’/‘wholeness’. ‘Altogether Worship’ puts the emphasis on the worship, not who is offering it.
Changes of name are not earth-shattering and we are under no illusions that this one might attract dozens more people to the services!   Nevertheless, the name ‘Altogether Worship’ better describes the aim of all God’s people gathering to glorify Him together. This is summed up in the words of a contemporary Christian hymn (Tim Hughes Kingsway Music 2000):

                    “Here I am to worship
                    Here I am to bow down
                    Here I am to say that You’re my God
                    You’re altogether lovely
                    Altogether worthy
                    Altogether wonderful to me”.
                                                                                                          Mary Barr              

Peter Lovegrove
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as it was
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