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That's entertainment!

At this year’s Christmas Tree Festival we would like to have a team of people engaging with queuing visitors to encourage them to stay in the queue (when waiting times can be lengthy) and present an enthusiastic welcome to the event. We intend to be able to have teams of two volunteers on hourly shifts during peak times. 

Suggested busy periods are: Friday, 29th November from  5pm - 7pm; Saturday 30th November 10-4pm; Sunday, 1st December 10 - 4pm.

If anyone is interested please do get in touch (apologies, Christmas jumpers are obligatory!). If you like talking about Christmas, Christmas trees and St Mary’s Church this could be a golden opportunity to have a fun hour or two getting into the excitement of our event with our visitors.

Interested? Contact Phil or Karen Balding via email at: philloveskaren@yahoo.co.uk

Don't miss the trees!
Make sure you don't miss this year's spectacular Christmas Tree Festival in St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray. More ...
Phil Balding