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The rock in Jane Ziegler's garden in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our holiday Club rocks!

Rock on! One of the Melton Team Parish Holiday Club painted rocks has now travelled more than 4,000 miles and ended up in a garden in Charlotte, North Carolina!

It first made its way 130 miles from Melton Mowbray to Gorleston and was found by the beach.

From there it made the 10 mile journey to Carlton Colville, Suffolk, where it was found by Jane Ziegler who was visiting home from America. She now has the rock in her garden in America.

Jane sent the picture above to the Melton Team Parish Churches News and Views Facebook Page with the following message: " 'Found' this in my suitcase after a visit home to Carlton Colville, Suffolk. It is hanging out in my rock garden, in Charlotte, NC, for just a bit. We will re-hide soon for someone else to enjoy! Thank you for making such a pretty rock" - Jane Ziegler, North Carolina.

*At the Holiday Club Service in St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray, in August this year people were invited to decorate a stone and then asked to leave them somewhere on their travels for others to find, photograph and then move on.

If you haven't painted a rock yet, it's not too late to take part. Simply find or buy large pebbles or cobbles;

*Decorate your pebble (you don't have to paint them white first!) - on the back, write: "If found, please post a photo on Melton Team Parish Churches News and Views page on Facebook!"

*Rocks can be decorated using paint, chalk, Sharpie pens, glitter etc. Please include a Bible verse or reference and make sure your designs are child-friendly.

Phil Balding, 01/11/2019

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