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The work of St Mary's Church Flower Guild

The floral decorations are a big part of Church life, with displays being changed regularly for weekend services and religious festivals. St Mary's has a team of regular helpers, who arrange the flower displays.
St Mary’s Flower Guild works to ensure the church is beautifully decorated throughout the year (excepting Lent and Advent) and for all the major festivals, in addition to weddings and other events.
A team of volunteers arranges flowers in pedestals on the north and south walls of the nave and also behind the high altar.There is always a display of fresh flowers by the Book of Memory, usually arranged by Helen Bett. Sometimes people request a particular colour scheme in memory of their loved ones and these requests and any donations towards the flowers can be left at the Samworth Centre office addressed to Helen Bett.
At Easter and Harvest celebrations there are a number of pedestals by the nave pillars and in the west porch.

In order to help raise funds for the flowers the Flower Guild holds open meetings twice a year where a local demonstrator is invited to show their skill and inspire the audience with a number of arrangements.
To find out more contact Dina Neale on 01664 565798 or email dinaneale@talktalk.net

Examples of the Flower Guild's work can be seen on this page.