What we do 

80's Fellowship

The 80's Fellowship is a group of older members of the church who are unable to get to church easily or frequently. The group meets occasionally for fellowship, thanksgiving fun, laughter, information and celebration. There are volunteers who can provide transport to and from the meeting if required.

Why the group was set up
The concept was born during Jill Milner's Pastoral training in 2006/08 when she looked around and saw that there was something missing for our older members in the community and to some degree our churches. We had Care and Share which answered some of the care needs required at that stage which has always being well attended from the start, but a platform for a voice was required also.  So we started a group for the older members in our community and congregation, where they could come together and share their experiences and enjoy each other’s company. The meetings could also be a place for their concerns and worries to be heard,on topics of social care, going into hospital, transport to clinic appointments, and other information useful to their age group.

Sample of Past events

- Tea and chat
- A 40s afternoon with quiz and Rationing Book refreshments
- A Holiday Club Day with several craft demonstrations, poetry reading, bowls and refreshments with tea to end.
- Country Scenes with Festive Tea.

Future Events Below

Contact Jill Milner (01664 569496)