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St. Mary's C of E Parish Church

 St Mary's Melton Update - September 2019


St Mary Melton
As you will hopefully recall, last month’s article was all about memories. Over the past few weeks I have seen what I am sure will be many memories at their inception.
One of our local schools, Birchwood, reached a milestone this year. It was the first time since the school was opened that they had a year of students reach leaving age. To celebrate they held a leavers’ service at St Mary’s Church which was led by David Harknett from Frisby. All the leavers from the school contributed in some way. The most memorable being the group who told the story of Noah through words and dance. It was wonderful to see these young people share their appreciation of the school and it was just as wonderful to see the commitment and dedication shown by the teaching and support staff.
A little after this Marilyn and I went to see the production of “The Pirates of the Curry Bean” by the children of St Mary’s School. I am sure that the Year 6 pupils, most of whom had major roles, will remember this for a very long time. It was a very funny story with plenty of jokes at all levels and had a pantomime feel about it.
Congratulations to all the staff and pupils for all their efforts. It was also nice to see the support given by  John Ferneley College in providing a venue and lots of stage and sound help. 
Shortly after this the school came into St Mary’s Church for their Leavers’ service. All year 6 students spoke of their time at the school and of what they had achieved. They were also each presented with a school yearbook that they will be able to look at in years to come to remind themselves of their school mates and teachers.
More recently we have, of course, just completed our week-long holiday club. This was attended by more than 60 youngsters who seemed to have an amazing time. The theme of this year’s holiday club was to encourage us all to become “Earth Warriors”. Everyone, leaders and youngsters alike, was given an earth warrior t-shirt to wear and this helped to make the throng look amazing.
The story for the week focussed on astronauts from Earth landing on the planet Zog. They discovered that Zog was a real paradise with beautiful trees, flowers and no litter! Astronaut Tim changed all of this with his sweet wrappers and dirty handkerchief, leading to the Zoggians becoming careless about their surroundings. The important message put forward was that we can all make a difference if we try and do some simple things.
Craft activities throughout the week included making a rocket and a lion. Physical activities included the use of bean bags, balancing and a rainbow parachute. Bible stories were also looked at and encouraged children to consider endangered animals in their prayers. We also developed an interesting rendition of the final Amen. If you are in St Mary’s over the next couple of weeks, then be sure to have a look at the prayer tree they created. You will find it in the south transept.
At the beginning and end of each session everybody joined in with the theme song “Creator God”.

You put the stars in outer space
You popped the freckles on my face
And all the fish that swim and all the birds that fly
Were made from your incredible
Creator God, we're singing to the
Creator God of all the world
Creator God, we celebrate You
We celebrate You!
One of the youngsters was so struck with the song and the actions she pestered her mother to find it on the internet. When they did find it, they then recorded a video of Violet performing it. If you get chance have a look on the St Mary’s Facebook page for it.
On the Sunday following holiday club, the service in St Mary’s recapped the week to show the congregation what had gone on. It was good to see quite a few of the families turn up with their little ones. During the service we introduced the Holiday Club Rocks. If you see a painted rock on your travels then look at it carefully, post a photograph of it and then move it to another location. The aim is to see how far these rocks can travel.
So into September, I wonder what memories will be created this month?

Brian Wray

Article printed from at 23:59 on 18 September 2019