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St. Mary's C of E Parish Church


Above and below: Most of the new pendant lights have been fitted inside St Mary's Church.




Making adjustments to the inner West door frame.


Nearly there: Most of the new floor has been laid in the church.


The huge task of cleaning up has started in the church building.


Not far to go now: Stonemasons edge closer to the West door as they lay the new floor in St Mary's Church.


Let us spray! The floor gets a watering where the stonemasons have been grouting the new floor.


Repairs to the stonework inside church is being carried out.


Offering a little tender loving care to a familiar piece of furniture in the church.


Above and below: Hard at work on the new floor in St Mary's Church.



Almost there: The floor is nearly all down inside the church, leaving just the porch floor to complete.

The light fantastic!

church logo newjpgsmallWOW, wow, wow! Absolutely amazing! Words can't adequately express just what a fantastic job the skilled team of men from Midland Conservation Limited are doing as the Re-ordering Project in St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray, draws closer to its November 24th deadline.

I attended the East Midlands Food Festival at the weekend and several people said they didn't believe the work will be finished on time. Oh ye, of little faith. Of course it will! There are now six weeks to go on Friday (October 13th) and the transformation the beautiful Grade I Listed building has undergone since the work started in January has to be seen to be believed.

The floor in the church, which has proved a mammoth task, is tantalisingly close to being finished and it looks incredible. There is a very small section left to finish inside the church and then the the porch floor will be laid. A lot of the stonework in the building has been repaired, the servery and storage space next to it now have their folding doors fitted, the frame of the inner West doors is now being worked on and the West door has been shortened to accommodate the new floor level in the porch.

Most of the new lighting has been fitted and already the massive task of cleaning up is starting.

There's no doubt that the church will look even more spectacular when it is all finished in time for this year's Christmas Tree Festival. To find out more about the tree festival click here.

The workmen are doing an amazing job of renovating our beautiful building and they are moving things on apace. The pictures on this page were taken inside the church on Wednesday (October 11th).

Everyone involved must be congratulated on the effort, hard work and commitment so far. But we still need to find the remaining cash required to complete the project.

And that's where YOU can help, if you haven't done so already. If you haven't sponsored anything yet there is time to do so. Members of the Church family have already made donations on behalf of loved ones, and groups associated with the Church and the Town are also raising funds towards particular elements of the project. All donations are being recorded in a special book that will be on display in our re-ordered church. 


church logo newjpgsmallINTERNAL PAVING – the natural paving stones are of varying size so difficult to price individually. However, if you include the work to raise the floor and install under-floor heating, you can sponsor a 1m2 area of floor for £100.

ORGAN – there will be over 2461 pipes in the refurbished organ; you can sponsor a single pipe for £20. 

PENDANT LAMPS – there will be 25 new fittings in the Nave, Transepts and Tower crossing; you can sponsor each lamp for £1,500.

FLEMISH PENDANT LAMPS – there will be 8 new fittings in the Chancel; you can sponsor each lamp for £3,000.

PORCH LOBBY – the draft lobby in the West Porch includes 19m2 of plain sheet glass; you can sponsor a 1m2 of glazing for £740.

SERVERY – the servery surround, fitments and storage facility will cost around £55,000. If you are interested in supporting part of this as a group fundraising challenge, please contact us as shown below.

TOILETS – the 2 new toilets in the church will cost £45,000 and will feature in a separate social fundraising event during 2017; however the team will welcome proposals from anyone wanting to sponsor all or part of them.

If you are able to Gift Aid your donation, this can add a further 25% to your gift, or if you want to spread your gift over a 12 month period then please contact us.
To download leaflets explaining how you can sponsor an organ pipe, paving slab or pendant light in St Mary's Church click here or please pick up a leaflet from the Samworth Centre, fill in the details and return it to the Parish Office. If you have another idea to support the project financially, please contact Dina Neale on 01664 565798 or Mike McClure on 01664 482385.
*You can also donate £2, £5 or £10 by text to 70070. Text the word Mary46 followed by the amount you wish to donate.


* For more pictures taken on October 11th click here. 


* To view a video taken in the church on October 11th click here.



Above: The step near the South Aisle door has been given a new look.


Folding doors have been fitted to the servery area in the church.


Stonemasons are on the last piece of the floor inside St Mary's Church and will then move into the porch, pictured below. Notice the West door has been shortened to accommodate the new floor level.



The font is back inside the church and ready to be put back together.

Phil Balding, 11/10/2017

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