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St. Mary's C of E Parish Church

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Enjoying the trees in St Mary's Church... Freda, Martin, Stella, Clarence, Jim, Eunice, Sue and Norman.

Drawing crowds from near and far

People come from all the country to see the Christmas Tree Festival in St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray, and these eight people are no exception.

For when Clarence and Sue Matthai came from their home in Cheltenham to look round the church in July they were told that the festival was on. They in turn told six of their friends - Eunice and Norman Hale, Freda and Jim Caveen and Martin and Stella Elliott - and on Saturday they all looked round the trees and attended the Carols amongst the Trees service.

Clarence and Sue, Eunice and Norman and Freda and Jim all worship at St Andrew's Church in Churchdown, Gloucester, while Martin and Stella reside in Brecon, Wales.

"I am so glad Clarence told us about the Christmas Tree Festival in St Mary's Church. It is wonderful. I am pleased we came and I wouldn't have wanted to miss it," said Freda.


Phil Balding, 01/12/2018

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