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St. Mary's C of E Parish Church


Pictured by the Community of the Tree of Life entry are Andrew Nutter, Alan and Lesley Humphrey and Trisha Nutter.

Warm welcome for Alan and Lesley 

It was good to see Alan and Lesley Humphrey in St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray, on Monday (December 3rd) looking round this year's Christmas Tree Festival.

The couple are to be the warden and housekeeper respectively of the community house which opens in February next year for the Community of the Tree of Life project in Leicester. They are pictured above with fellow companions of the project, Andrew and Trisha Nutter, who also happen to be members of the Christmas Tree Festival Committee.

The couples are pictured standing below the Community's entry in this year's tree festival which has been placed in the beautiful stained glass window in the church designed by Derek Hunt which is called "The Tree of Life."

To find out more about the Community of the Tree of Life click here.

Article printed from at 07:17 on 23 February 2020