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St. Mary's C of E Parish Church

 One more step along the World I go

St Mary's Primary school paid a visit to St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray, on Thursday (July 11th) for an end of term service, writes Brian Wray.

The service was planned by the Year 6 children who are about to leave and move on to new schools next term. The school has just been declared GOOD by the OFSTED inspectors and the SATS results just received prove it.

The service was led by Mrs Morris the headteacher and Mrs Ainge, who has taught year 6 this year.

Revd Kevin Ashby talked to the school and presented each student with a yearbook to remind them of their time at school in years to come.

Three of the parents of this class were also given gifts to thank them for all their efforts in organising Friends of St Mary's, which has helped the school throughout the year.

A bouquet of flowers was also presented to Mrs Port who is taking some time off to have a baby. We wish her well!

So good luck to all the leavers and we pray that they will go forward in their lives with confidence. Below are pictures taken at the service.

IMG 3011

IMG 3015

IMG 3016


IMG 3018

IMG 3022


IMG 3023

IMG 3024

IMG 3028


IMG 3030

IMG 3033


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IMG 3044


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IMG 3049

IMG 3057

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