Bible verse of the month - January 

During 2020, every month I offered a prayer, drawn from the Bible, for us to pray for one another across the Melton Team Parish, writes Team Parish Vicar, the Revd Mary Barr. 

As a variation for the coming year, I’ll be suggesting a Bible verse or phrase for us to reflect on - like a motivational ‘strap-line’ for each month.

So here’s something very short for starters:

                                                PLEASE GOD

This is drawn from 1 Thessalonians chapter 4 verse 1. Here St Paul is encouraging members of the church in the bustling seaport city of Thessalonica to seek, more and more, to live in such a way that their conduct and lifestyle is pleasing to God.

What changes might you and I make to the way we live this month so that we ‘please God’? How can we shine more brightly with the light of Christ?  What might we do - or stop doing - out of love for God, so that the way we behave day by day delights His heart?

There is, of course, another way in which the phrase “Please God” can be taken. It can be the start of our prayers.  “Please God would You help me to get though my current struggles… Please God bring healing and hope to the people I’m worried about today…Please God…”.

So maybe you and I could make Please God our motivational phrase and our starter for prayer every day of January.