Annual Church Meeting 

St Mary's Church, Melton Mowbray, Annual Church Meeting will be held on Zoom at 7pm on Monday, April 26th. (Apologies for the fact that we're still not allowed to meet in person indoors).

We will keep business as brief and simple as possible. If you want an invite to the meeting, please email the Rector at rector@meltonparish.org.uk and put "AGM" as the subject heading. For security reasons do not pass on your invitation details to anyone else.

At the meeting we will be electing:

2 Church Wardens (Ian Neale and Brenda Munton are serving at present);

2 PCC reps. (Roger Kirby and Dina Neale are already elected reps);

Assistant Wardens

8 reps to the DCC (District Church Council) - Colin Beavis, Derek Larder, Marilyn Wray, Sue Elliott, Helen May and Norma Fennemore are due to stand down, but can be re-elected.

If you would like to nominate someone for a post, please email the rector as above, with the subject heading "AGM election".

Look forward to "seeing" you at the meeting.